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John Bull
@johnbull | Updated 02 Aug. 2018

As one of ur FTA channels reigning now with power vu is Sony packages. It is here to serve u again and make u smile...Sony the best Sony is the best FTA right now as HD24 is currently doing justice to EPL and champions league sony isdoing justice to all the whole sports and leagues except EPL andUCL. It’s currently located on intelsat 68.5E same position as theold mytv Africa also on 66.0E. So if you’re lucky enough to havesony and HD 24 with Andriod box as your number one backup you’re totally covered. I didn’t say HD 24 and sony will last foreveras assuming i had told you guys that the king of dongle “AZSKY”will be dethroned i would have been beheaded by now for suchstatement and here we are now azsky is gone forever. Whichmeans whatever FTA we are enjoying now it’s “ENJOY WHILE ITLAST”How to track?Now to the real business of the day. After you set up your dish lookfor any ku band lnbf and track the old mytv with this TP (12722 V26657). Focus on same dstv position rock the dish slowly facingdown totally as 68.5e is totally down below champions tv. Now youshould hit green. Make sure you get the maximum signal quality asit would play a role on achieving your aim. Your signal qualityshould be around 98/99% if you’re using 1.8 or 2.4 dish. After youhit green carefully tie the dish properly remove the ku band lnbfand replace with c band lnbf on 5′ o clock axis as on the picsbelow;68.5 and 76.5 (IS20 APSTAR)When fixing the cband there’re some lines with numbers on thebody of the lnbf this is where many people fail to pay attention toand end up doing nothing for hours. You should see the last numberon a line on the body of the lnbf just fix the white scalar ring toalign with the number then fix the cable go to your decoder andchange it to 68.5/c which is cband enter this TP (4.064 v or H19850) if V doesn’t turn green change to H. You should hit green.Now carefully tweak the lnbf to make sure you get at least 74% on1.8m for North and 84% on 2.4m for other locations. After that youshould have completed the first task.Now this where the real stuffs begins sony is a very stubbornpackage to track even though it’s located on same position you get84%. If you now enter the Sony packages TP (3900 V or H 22222)you will find out that it’s below 60% or above 60%. Sony will bescrambled if it’s not above 60% and will keep skipping if not above61-62%. Now to attain the signal it’s most times very difficult. Iprefer tracking this at night because if you manage to get 61/62%at night at day time it will rise to 64/65% as sony drops at night.So you now know when to track it. Incase after the whole story yoursignal is still below 60% or dancing around 60/61% loosen the dish raise it up a bit your sony signal will improve a bit tie it properly.then blindscan the whole 68.5e packages you should be fine now then head over to this link for the keys to enjoy your sony packages and othergoodies there. sony six kix espn that’s where they show the livematches. All this packages are also available on the andriod boxwith unlimited streaming. So no need to start wasting your moneyto pile up dishes and the so called auto roll decoders which willpark off some day.Have fun hunting and don’t forget to quickly grab your own copy ofandriod box for your own good as it will never and can never beblocked and last forever unless you damage it yourself.Before you proceed tracking note following tips;Sony packages are located on 68.5e and 66.0E.Don’t ever think of using 1.3m dish or 1m dish with conicalscalar as sun will dry you up. It can only be possible for those inkenya and east Africans.Anybody that asked you to use any dish apart from therecommended pay his transportation and ask him to track it foryou and pay him 1million naira.66.0e can only be possible with 1.3m dish with conical scalarin the north. It has been reported that there’s no signal for 66.0ein Nigeria but only sony in 68.5eContact a professional installer before proceeding with this asyou will end up wasting your money.Strong 4922a is strongly recommended