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John Bull
@johnbull | Updated 02 Aug. 2018

I attended a church service lastSunday andthe Pastor asked us to prayfor our heartdesire. Normally I don't listento People when they pray in Church but I didlast Sunday andWords from one Sister'sMouthalmost sent me into Coma.......The Sister was seriously uttering these words;*OH! Lord Crash the plane ofmy SINGLENESS Lord crash it!*Consume me with the fire ofWEDLOCK. *Jehovah ROAST ME! JAM mewith the Lorry ofHOLY MATRIMONY.*Father detonate theBOMB of ENGAGEMENTin my life! *STAB me with a man of yourchoice Lord.*HANG my neck the ***** ofmy BONES.*IMPRISON my life with theRIB of my RIBS. *SHOOT me with an AK47 ofTrue Love.* Let the Trailer of Love Pullme down* Slap me with the Hand ofLove * HANDCUFF ME with myHusband oh lord* CHAIN my heart with Myhusband* ADD YOUR OWNAbeg wetin be the Name of My Church?