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Why we withdrew from Kashamu’s house – NDLEA   

John Bull
@johnbull | Updated 02 Aug. 2018

The National Drug Law EnforcementAgency said it pulled out itsoperatives from the house ofSenator-elect Mr. Buruji Kashamu in compliance with a court order.NDLEA said it withdrew from theLekki Lagos home of the PeoplesDemocratic Party stalwart “when itofficially received a copy of theorder from the court on Thursday May 28 2015.”In a statement by NDLEA’s Head Public Affairs Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju on Friday the agency added thatKashamu’s counsel had signed anundertaking to produce him incourt for hearing.The anti-narcotic agency stated “This is not the end of the case asthe NDLEA has filed a formalextradition process at the FederalHigh Court. The Agency is followingthe due process of law and willensure that national interest isbalanced against the constitutionalrights of Mr. Kashamu.“The mission of the NDLEA is notand has never been to abduct him but to engage the extraditionprocess. The agency is takingnecessary steps to ensure that Mr.Kashamu will be available to standtrial on extradition charges asrequired by law.“To this end the NDLEA has aprovisional warrant of arrest on himas well as a formal request for hisextradition. The honourable thingfor him to do is to submit to thedue process of the law as pledged.“The NDLEA wishes to reiterate thatit would comply with all courtorders and not forcefully abductand take him to the United Statesfor trial.”The agency noted that the courthad not asked the NDLEA fromembarking on an extraditionprocess against the Semator-electof Ogun East Senatorial District.“The court held that therespondents cannot be restrainedperpetually from arresting theapplicant and that they were onlyrestrained from arresting himwithout a warrant of arrest and forforcibly abducting and taking himfrom Nigeria without recourse tothe due process of law as enshrinedin the Extradition Act ” it said.